Christians, the Bible, and the Ecological Crisis
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The Spirit Is Willing and We Are Not Faint

Here are recordings of the three webinars in the series “The Spirit Is Willing and We Are Not Faint,” cosponsored by Georgia Interfaith Power & Light and Hoosier IPL:  Rethinking Scripture, Humans, and Creation: Five perspectives for a creation care ethic grounded in faith. Click here to view this webinar. Creating Social Movements for Change: Resources […]

Solar Church

Yesterday our congregation, First Presbyterian Church of Jeffersonville, dedicated our first solar array: 48 panels, 12.96 kW of generating power.  Never having done this before, we sort of made up what you do when you consecrate solar panels. First Don gave a lovely sermon about the importance of acting as “conservators” of creation, based on […]

Hiatus No More…For Now

Before I began this blog in 2013, I asked myself frequently if it would become one of the thousands of heartlessly orphaned sites that let others know just how committed their writers are.  I couldn’t answer, of course, having no glimpse into the future.    This long hiatus might have been excusable if no one […]