In Defense of Clean Air

Last week my spouse Don and I traveled to Washington D.C. with a couple dozen others to petition our U.S. senators and reps to uphold the Clean Air Act. I was astounded to hear it wasn’t the Clean Power Plan, the Green Climate Fund, or the Downtown Louisville– from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet website  Paris […]

Wind Power, Factually

A great joy of driving through the midwest is seeing the growth of wind farms. Despite its poor record on climate preparedness, Indiana is ranked 12th in the nation in wind power.  Fowler Ridge in northwest Indiana, for instance, with its 600 MW capacity, is one of the largest in the U.S., while the 500 […]

Thank You, Beloved Church

I was on my way to several days of meetings in Indianapolis this past Wednesday, having said to various family members and friends, “please pray for me!,” when I received a couple of emails–one from a friend and one from a stranger–about that very thing: they were praying for me, and for us. Turns out […]

Collaborating against Climate Change

Collaboration–what a concept in the nonstop world of competitive partisanship, where millions are spent promoting one message, one candidate, one worldview over against another, while children skip meals. The day before the crashing finale of the most disturbing presidential race ever, “bipartisan” seems pretty remote. But it is happening in some places. Groups like the Friends […]

The Spirit Is Willing and We Are Not Faint

Here are recordings of the three webinars in the series “The Spirit Is Willing and We Are Not Faint,” cosponsored by Georgia Interfaith Power & Light and Hoosier IPL:  Rethinking Scripture, Humans, and Creation: Five perspectives for a creation care ethic grounded in faith. Click here to view this webinar. Creating Social Movements for Change: Resources […]