Christians, the Bible, and the Ecological Crisis
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Net-Zero Presentations

I’ve had several requests to view the presentations I gave last spring about our net-zero house in Henryville, so I’m gathering access to all three recordings here. The first was with Tri-State Creation Care in Evansville, Indiana last January. It features our builder Nick Romeo in the Q&A portion. They sent me a copy of […]

Hello? Hello! Fictions and Facts about Electric Vehicles

Yesterday my friend the Rev. Dr. Shelley Wiley, who recently came with her spouse Jon Vanderglas to visit and is preparing to lead a congregational Bible study using Inhabiting Eden, sent me a Facebook post shared by her cousin in Georgia about electric vehicles. She wondered how to respond. As the happy owner of a […]

Faith and the Climate Crisis

I’m out in Pullman, Washington, visiting my daughter Claire’s family for the first time in nearly two years. I hadn’t seen their three-year-old son Neil in all that time, so there is a lot of catching up to do. I am grateful for the speedy development of vaccinations that made this visit possible. We had […]

A Mostly True Article, and a Recording of the Zero-Energy Presentation

Last week I had the privilege of sharing our family’s journey of conserving energy in our old home and our new one with a lot of Presbyterians via Zoom through the Presbyterian Hunger Program. You can see the hour-long presentation itself here. Today someone sent me a truly nice write-up about the presentation that was […]

New Website, Upcoming Presentation

Since 2013, the year Inhabiting Eden was published, I’ve had a presence on Blogspot, but it seemed like time to freshen up. The old blog posts are here, though imperfectly transferred, and new content will be added. As you may know, my spouse Don Summerfield and I are living into our second spring at Lost […]

2020 in Solar Power

  Given everything else that 2020 brought, Don and I are grateful to have moved into our zero-energy home before Covid grounded everyone. When everything shut down last March, my son and daughter-in-law, school principals in Miami, packed their four-year-old daughter Soraya in the car and drove to Indiana to stay with us and work […]

Cultivating Outdoor Life

Much as we love the house with its energy superpowers, it’s still just base camp for what we’re really doing: enjoying, learning from, and prospering the little corner of earth we live in. Every day brings new insight—about wildlife, about tools, about how things grow. And just for the record, for people who keep asking […]